About Us

Public records, open-source software

The Grytte Organization was founded in 2018 by a now-former student from The Browning School. Our mission is to provide Browning’s community with an insight into the non-profit’s financial health. The school is obligated to file annual financial statements (known as Form 990) with the IRS, all of which are open to public inspection.

Grytte (pronounced "grit") is The Browning School's motto, symbolizing perseverance, patience, and perspective.

In addition to hosting an archive of Browning's financial records, we have compiled an overview of statistics and trends dating back to the early 2000s. When analyzing a specific fiscal year, we encourage all users to preview the overall trend for that data point.

The platform we use to host and operate Grytte.org was created with Laravel, Tailwind CSS, and Chart.js. This software is open-source and available to the public on our GitHub.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IRS Form 990?

Organizations claiming federal tax-exempt status must file a Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service every fiscal year. The form serves as a public record of financial information for the non-profit.

Is it legal to store and share this information?

Yes! Every Form 990 that a non-profit files with the IRS is open to public inspection under 26 U.S. Code § 6104.

How can I contribute?

This website is built with open-source software hosted on GitHub. If you'd like to help with this project, please contribute to our repository!

What kind of information can I find in Form 990?

The form typically includes an organiation's assets, revenue, expenses, and highest paid officers. You can also find information about an organization's board, independent contractors, and fundraising activities.

Where do you find these documents?

We use ProPublica's Nonprofit Explorer to find PDF copies of The Browning School's filings of Form 990.

How do I create a website for my school?

Read our documentation to learn how to deploy our software on your website! Our website is built with Laravel and Tailwind CSS.